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  • Sunday, February 17 2019

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Large order from the German Bundeswehr for Atomed – with OR Technology on board!

ATOMED X-Ray GmbH, in cooperation with its distribution partners OR Technology has received a large order by the Bundeswehr, the German defence force, to deliver just under 30 transportable DR X-ray systems. This was preceded by a test trial with five systems over a period of two years in various operational areas all over the world.


It was specifically for that purpose that the firm of ATOMED X-Ray developed an innovative mobile X-ray system for field hospitals. The system includes the tried-and-tested mobile "ATX QUANTpower 400" X-ray unit and a compact digital X-ray diagnostic evaluation system including a radiological evaluation monitor, diagnostic evaluation software and a mobile flat panel. Other components are a mobile thorax stand and a mobile X-ray table with an AEC measuring chamber.


Due to its low weight (75 kilograms) and compact size, the ATX QUANTpower 400 is easy to transport and very suitable for mobile use. Its unique feature is its excellent weight-size-performance ratio. This mobile X-ray unit has been developed especially for doctors operating in the field, military medical services, aid organisations with a medical focus as well as for ships and oil rigs.


OR Technology delivers the dicomPACS® diagnostic evaluation software. The image management system ensures simple and effective workflow and has proven successful for numerous applications in human and veterinary medicine. X-ray data may be sent via UMTS, WLAN or satellite, making sure that competent help is only seconds away at all times.

All the components of the digital X-ray systems were designed and produced specifically for outdoor use. This state-of-the-art X-ray technology may be applied wherever it is impossible for a patient to get to a hospital quickly for radiological diagnosis.


About Atomed X-ray:

ATOMED X-Ray is a manufacturer and supplier of mobile radiography systems for clinical diagnostics. ATOMED X-Ray offers a broad range of high quality X-ray equipment. The Riesa-based company is specialized in portable, powerful X-ray units, compact CR and DR systems. The product range stands for innovative technology and complete X-ray solutions. Atomed X-ray provides competent service to help making diagnostic workflow more efficient.


About OR Technology:

OR Technology has been operating in the area of digital image processing since 1991 targeting the national and international market. The company, located in Rostock, Germany, provides system solutions for conventional and digital X-ray technology in human and veterinary medicine. With more than 600 installed image processing systems, the company is represented in 40 countries worldwide.