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  • Sunday, February 17 2019

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dicomPACS®DX-R 2.0 sets new standards in image processing

OR Technology will present a new version of its X-ray acquisition software at this year’s ECR (European Congress of Radiology) in Vienna.

dicomPACS®DX-R version 2.0 provides extended image processing – Cognition Optimised Processing. New adjustment options such as automatic pixel correction reduce image interference and improve the overall impression of the image. Optimal contrast regulation covering the entire image ensures improved recognition of details in soft tissue and bones.

By means of the newly integrated stitching function, the created X-ray images can be stitched together easily to produce an overall image. This function is ideally suited to create images of a full leg or spine. The different images are simply selected, aligned and saved as a new image. The patient data from the loaded X-ray images is added in automatically.

“With dicomPACS®DX-R version 2.0, we provide our customers and OEM partners with state of the art technology”, says Bernd Oehm, managing director of the enterprise. OR Technology’s versatile acquisition software for X-ray images forms the core of a comprehensive product portfolio. “Our branded products for digital X-ray imaging have met with a wide resonance on a national and international level”, underlines Bernd Oehm. “They include upgrade sets for existing X-ray systems, suitcase solutions for mobile X-ray imaging and complete DR systems.”

Digital X-ray and image management solutions by the system provider are currently being used in more than 40 countries. The complete digitalisation of a children’s hospital X-ray department in Tallinn (Estonia) is one of the recent orders. During the past year, OR Technology has gained many new distributors and OEM partners all over the world.

OR Technology can be found at booth 312 in Expo C on the ECR grounds in Vienna.

About OR Technology:
OR Technology has been operating in the area of digital image processing since 1991, targeting the national and international market. The company, located in Rostock, Germany, provides system solutions for conventional and digital X-ray technology in human and veterinary medicine. With more than 600 installed image processing systems, the company is represented in over 40 countries worldwide.

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