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  • Thursday, April 25 2019

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MEDNOVO integrates IT and medical engineering!

MEDNOVO – that means custom-tailored software solutions for hospitals and companies of medical devices: practically relevant, efficient, user-friendly, time-saving, cost-effective.

MEDNOVO Medical Software Solutions GmbH, successfully operating as a software solutions provider in the healthcare since 2002, aims at the integration of IT and medical engineering with each other as a holistic overall plan and therefore, to assure their customers in the health service a maximum of quality.

Besides the integration of medical engineering of different special fields into existing IT systems of a hospital, MEDNOVO has specialised their product range MediColor in a system for the medical image and findings documentation. The product range of MediColor is completed through the product MediAnes, a networkable system for the documentation, in connection with all incidental data and procedures in the anaesthesia.

For medical devices’ manufacturers, we realise the connection and integration of medical devices in different medical information systems by the MEDNOVO HL7 Blackbox or by the system MediColor. The main user-friendly aspect is the possibility to connect a wide range of medical devices with or without a concurrent installation of our documentation systems.

By individualised cost effectiveness studies, MEDNOVO promises not only an increased efficiency via networking from IT and medical engineering but also verifies these by clear custom-specified financial ratios.


The MEDNOVO Medical Software Solutions GmbH operates for you as a reliable, innovative and experienced partner in the division of IT meets medical engineering! We face these requirements with the development of innovative solutions as an overall plan -and this worldwide.