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With its OS|ECM suite, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS GmbH provides a solution for clinic-wide information management in hospitals. The wide portfolio of functions tailored to the needs of hospitals ranges from the archived medical record (APA) and document management solutions to optimization scenarios for the entire hospital administration.

Enterprise content management (ECM) is gaining a strong foothold as clinic-wide information management system because custom-tailored document management helps to increase efficiency both in medical and administrative fields.

In recent years, a lot of developments in the health care sector have clearly shown that the standard IT equipment in hospitals should not be limited to audit-proof digital archiving.
It is essential to also assure consistent management of data and documents in the clinical as well as in the administrative fields of hospitals in order to be able to react to legal requirements and to the pressure for reform in the health care sector.

It is this very kind of all-in-one package which OPTIMAL SYSTEMS has been offering to medical and administrative departments for 18 years now by providing them with its ECM software (ECM = enterprise content management).For the ECM suite can just as well be used to reduce mail or invoice processing periods, to document internal quality management procedures as well as to optimize facility management or to visualize digital personnel files in a legally compliant manner.

By integrating ECM solutions into the hospital IT, information and documents stored by the individual departments can be consolidated. Existing knowledge and the huge quantity of process-related data objects can be managed and archived with the ECM system in a well-organized, effective and secure manner. With OS|ECM, it is sufficient to capture data and digitalize documents only once, but they can nevertheless be used in various applications.

The result: cost reduction, improved quality, and increased efficiency due to modern document management and reliable information flows. The ECM solutions by OS lay the foundations for clinic-wide information, communication and documentation management in hospitals. In addition to basic functions like archiving, document management, and workflow, OS|ECM provides for deep integration into existing IT landscapes. Thus, OS|ECM provides a data hub linking the hospital information system (HIS) with the storage components, including existing subsystems, if applicable.

OS solutions are already being successfully used in over 800 installations, amongst others in more than 120 hospitals.


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