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  • Thursday, April 25 2019

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Tradeshow of the future
The 'Tradeshow of the Future' for the healthcare sector is called It operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – on the internet. Exhibitors can present products, solutions and services at virtual booths. Anyone can attend from anywhere in the world without charge.
Terms and Conditions
a) Unlimited duration
All types of booths: €69.90* / US-$ 99,00 monthly fee
Free of charge for a limited duration for universities, societies, associations and research institutions
Set-up fee: €49.90* / US-$ 70 (one-off payment)
Minimum duration: 12 months
Company news and press releases are available without charge
 b) 3 month duration
Fee for a duration of 3 months:  €260.00 * /US-$ 370.00
(period of the term can be taken at any time – exhibitors are recommended to set up a booth close to the time of the real-world tradeshow)
c) Combination English/German
Booth at both tradeshows and
All types of booths (package offer): €99.90 * / US-$ 142.00
3-month duration (package offer): €350.00 * /US-$ 498.00

* in cases where VAT applies, 19% German VAT is added

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